Discover design features that will keep their appeal over time.

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Keep things light, bright, calm, and simple for a home that’ll feel fresh and welcoming for years to come.

Discover design features that will keep their appeal over time.

A trendy home may seem fresh today, but can quickly become dated in a few years when the design tides change. The best way to create a home that’ll feel modern and comfortable for years to come is by embracing timeless design in your architecture and interior. Here are some tips from our expert designers. Plus, find out the enduring elements that two of our homeowners love most. 

Light decor 

Although color can be fun and playful, it can also make your home feel too trendy. The “in” color changes so quickly that using it, especially in cabinets, flooring, or other elements that are hard to change, means your home becomes passé in a few years’ time. Plus, dark walls and wood generally feel dated. To create a classic look, opt for lighter furniture, paint, and flooring throughout your home. If you do want to design with color, consider doing so with textiles and art that are easy to update.

Monochromatic furnishings that are light and bright create timeless design.
—Virgina Richards, TJH Design Manager, Arizona

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Play with color in textiles and art but keep furniture monochromatic for a timeless home.


Large windows to brighten your home

Heavy drapery or dark shutters can also quickly date. If you’re building a new home, include plenty of large windows to let in ample natural light. Artificial light casts a yellow tinge, but natural light helps everything look more fresh and new. As a bonus, it can improve mood and alertness, which is helpful if you’re working from home. When selecting window treatments, consider custom shades that roll all the way up, creating a clean, open look. 

We intentionally design our homes with large windows throughout to create a light, bright, and airy environment to support your well-being.

What I love most are the high ceilings and the natural light throughout the whole house.
—Mona J., TJH homeowner, Bay Area, CA

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Natural light never goes out of style. Maximizing light and minimizing drapery is key to timeless design.


“Less is more” finishes

Timeless design is clean and uncluttered. This means not only limiting knickknacks and tchotchkes, but also choosing light fixtures, furniture, and hardware that are less ornate. While embellishments may be luxurious at first, over time they can fatigue your senses and evoke bygone trends. Employing what TJH Director of Custom Design in Northern California Niraj Kapadia calls the “simple, calm, modern, clean-lines look” creates a relaxing, welcoming interior that will never tire.

Even in our traditional interiors, we use fixtures and hardware with simple clean lines that are not too ornate.
—Niraj Kapadia, TJH Director of Custom Design, Northern California

When you choose BUILD by TJH or buy one of our pre-construction homes, you’ll have the opportunity to personalize many of your home’s elements, such as cabinets, flooring, hardware, and fixtures, with the help of our expert designers at the TJH Design Studio.

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Simple, clean fixtures and quartz flooring with minimal veining bring timeless design to the bathroom.


Minimize pattern, play with texture

If you choose to incorporate patterns in your home, select traditional patterns that won’t go out of style, such as simple geometric prints, elegant floral designs, or classics like plaid. As with color, keep your pattern confined to accent pieces. Even the most traditional tartan won’t feel fresh for long when used in wall-to-wall carpeting.

A great way to keep furniture feeling timeless is by avoiding pattern in favor of texture. If you’re worried that a light, monochromatic color palette will leave your home feeling bland, then spice things up with texture. A white chair in a bouclé or woven fabric will be more eye-catching, and look more sophisticated, than a simple white cotton chair. This is also a great way to style a modern traditional home, a design trend that can become timeless because of the balance between classic and contemporary.

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Interesting texture—for example, in an area rug—means a room with white furniture doesn’t feel dull.


Quality pieces with personal meaning

Finally, only decorate your home with art and objects that you plan to enjoy for years to come. This generally means those of the highest quality that have personal significance. Think original artwork that you purchase on a memorable trip, rather than a framed print bought at the local HomeGoods. If you want to decorate your entry table with flowers, purchase a beautiful, well-crafted vase that you’ll cherish. Only bringing quality, meaningful pieces into your home reduces clutter and ensures that you won’t take your decor for granted. After all, enjoying the space around you day after day is the definition of timeless design.

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Limiting art and decoration to quality pieces with personal meaning prevents clutter while keeping your home interesting.

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