Breaking down what you learn and how it helps you on your new home journey.

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Our BUILD Analysis will help you determine how BUILD by TJH could be a smart financial move for your family.

Breaking down what you learn and how it helps you on your new home journey.

If your family is in need of a spacious, more liveable home that suits your lifestyle, tearing down and building with Thomas James Homes delivers the right home for you in the location you love. BUILD by TJH gives you a new construction home with a number of benefits over renovating or remodeling. 

Whether you’re looking for buildable land in your favorite neighborhood, want a larger home on your existing homesite, or need a design-build solution for your flips or rental assets, our BUILD Analysis is the first step in determining if BUILD by TJH is the right new home solution for you. Continue reading to discover the valuable insights a BUILD Analysis offers and get a glimpse of what you can expect throughout the process.

Step 1: Intake and initial consultation

After you complete a BUILD Analysis request form online, a member of our Private Client Group will contact you for an initial consultation. This conversation helps us determine if we build in your neighborhood and have a home plan or homesite that fits your needs.

“Our Private Client Group positions itself as a partner in the transaction, focusing on transparency, respect, and a consultative approach. If we aren’t the right fit for someone, we will be the first to point that out and provide alternative solutions better suited for their needs.”
Tyler Elvin, TJH Private Client Group

Step 2: Schedule an in-person meeting

If you qualify for BUILD by TJH, we will schedule an in-person meeting at your nearest TJH Design Studio or TJH market home. During this meeting, your Private Client Group salesperson will guide you through a personalized BUILD Analysis and introduce the possibilities that come from rebuilding with TJH.

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Explore the possibilities for your new home with your Private Client Group salesperson during your analysis. 

Step 3: BUILD Analysis

Review your needs

Every BUILD Analysis starts with an overview of your needs and priorities for your new home. We discuss pain points with your existing home and explore the outcomes of the rebuilding process. 

Present the plan(s)

One of the many benefits of building with TJH is that we’ve already gone through the lengthy process of designing home plans that meet your local jurisdiction requirements. During your BUILD Analysis, we’ll present one or more plans that fit your lot size and lifestyle needs. You will also see the exterior styles available for each plan.

Share the math

A comprehensive financial assessment is one of the most valuable aspects of a BUILD Analysis. In this step, we break down the math of how BUILD can positively impact the value of your asset. 

Our analysis will include your home’s current worth, all-in construction costs for building your selected TJH home plan, and the potential market value of your new home. We will also share a report of recently sold comparable homes in your neighborhood. 

Define next steps

The BUILD Analysis will end with an overview of our design process, your project’s construction timeline, and how to get started with BUILD by TJH. 

“What many of our clients do not realize before the BUILD Analysis is that there is a solution in the marketplace that allows them to continue living in the place they call home. Once they go through the BUILD Analysis, they realize the benefits of a new home.”

Tyler Elvin, Private Client Group

Our Private Client Group is here to answer any questions and guide you through the process. Ready to get started? Let us show you how we make building a new home on your existing homesite worth it.

Receive a BUILD Analysis

Contact our Private Client Group to request an analysis for your home.

Private Client Group
Thomas James Homes
(877) 381-4092

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