Why this lesser-known option could be the right choice for your next new home.

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Buying pre-construction is worth the wait for a new construction home in high-demand neighborhoods.

Why this lesser-known option could be the right choice for your next new home.

Most homebuyers don’t consider buying a pre-construction home, but these homes provide certain benefits over completed new construction and older resale homes on the market. Discover what buying a pre-construction home with TJH means, and why it may be the best way to attain the right home in the right neighborhood for you.


What is a TJH pre-construction home?

A pre-construction home is a home that is listed for sale on the market before it has been completed. With TJH pre-construction homes, the homesite location, architectural plan, and permitting are already established, but building is still in process. In some cases, construction has not started, and in other cases, the home is in the early phases of construction.

What’s true for all pre-construction homes is that you will have to wait to move into your beautiful new home. So, what makes it worth it?

The benefits of buying a pre-construction home

Buying a pre-construction home gives homebuyers a number of advantages, including the many benefits of a new construction home, the opportunity to personalize your home, pre-construction pricing incentives, the opportunity to secure a home where you actually want to live, and peace of mind.

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TJH new construction homes feature modern, functional layouts that your family will love.


Enjoy all of the benefits of a new construction home

One of the key benefits of buying pre-construction is a new construction home. New construction homes offer homeowners a number of benefits over buying an older, resale home. For one, research shows that maintenance costs are lower on average. Newer homes also tend to be more energy-efficient, which saves money on monthly bills. In addition, our floorplans are designed for your lifestyle today, with flex space, smart storage, and an open layout to increase functionality. Plus, new construction homes generally maintain a higher resale value for longer. Finally, all our new construction homes are backed by our industry-leading warranty.


Personalize your  home when you buy pre-construction

With TJH, the earlier you buy in the pre-construction process, the more choice you have on the design and finishes of your home. Depending on your home plan, you may be able to add structural options such as converting a loft into an extra bedroom or adding a bonus media room. You also have the opportunity to select appliance suites and work with our in-house design team to choose the finishes, such as flooring, lighting, hardware, and more, that fit your life and style.

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TJH works with homebuyers to personalize appliances and finishes when they buy a pre-construction home.


Secure preferred pricing with a TJH pre-construction home

Take advantage of pre-construction pricing incentives with our escalated pricing model. Completed market homes are listed at a 20% premium over their earliest pre-construction price. This means that homebuyers who purchase early not only secure the best price for their home, but may even see their equity rise by the time they move into their completed home. As a result, buying during the pre-construction phase can increase your return on investment. Plus, lock in your mortgage rate and get a head start on potential appreciation of your new home.


Attain a home in high demand neighborhoods

Not everyone is willing to wait to move into their dream home. If you are looking for a home in a highly competitive location, buying a pre-construction home is a great way to break into the neighborhood you want. 

One of the biggest benefits of buying pre-construction with TJH is gaining first-dibs on our new construction homes in the most desired neighborhoods in Southern California, Northern California, the Pacific Northwest, Colorado, and Arizona. 

We only release a limited number of homes each year, and a majority of our BUY homes go under contract before construction finishes. Buying an off-market new home during the pre-construction phase gives you the best chance of locking in your dream home in your dream neighborhood.

Select TJH pre-construction homes are sold off-market, exclusively through our agent network, and homebuyers will not find them on the MLS. These homes give buyers a jump on the available inventory in a high demand neighborhood with fewer people competing for the listing.

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The coolest neighborhoods often have few available homes–buying pre-construction can be your ticket in.


Enjoy TJH new construction home guarantees and end-to-end process

Homebuyers may be nervous about buying a home before it is built, but our price and delivery guarantees, and end-to-end process take the worry out of buying during the pre-construction phase. 

Our pre-construction home prices are guaranteed upon contract execution. Even if the cost of construction rises, your home’s price will not. 

Also, our pre-construction homes are protected by a delivery guarantee. We promise to complete your home within 12 months of the start of construction. 

Plus, homebuyers enjoy our seamless end-to-end process. We take care of every detail, meaning you don’t have to waste time coordinating with multiple contractors.

“What Thomas James offered was a complete end-to-end process. All of the permitting, the design. Everything from the ground up, we’re just working with one entity.”
—Dan T., TJH homeowner, Redwood City, CA

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Pre-construction homebuyers enjoy a seamless end-to-end process with TJH for greater peace of mind.


Is a pre-construction home right for you?

Buying pre-construction with TJH offers many benefits, from locking in your dream location at the best price to having the opportunity to customize your new home. Our dedicated sales team is here to visit with you and find the right TJH new construction home solution for you and your family.

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