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You are viewing a legacy webpage. Content may be out of date. Visit our interim site here.

Code of Business Conduct + Ethics

Building on Integrity

Friends and Colleagues,

At Thomas James Homes, we are driven by a passion for our customers and providing a best-in-class homebuilding experience. This passion for people translates into a sincere and ongoing commitment to doing business the right way—ethically and with the highest degree of integrity.

The company’s leadership has accordingly approved the Thomas James Homes Code of Conduct as a set of basic principles to guide all TJH team members and leaders, and as a public statement of our commitment to ethical business practices.

For a strong foundation, we must first protect our home. As employees, we have a duty to follow the Code and perform our jobs in a fair and honest manner. Central to making a home a sanctuary is cultivating an atmosphere of trust, respect, and accountability. All employees should feel empowered to speak up if something isn’t right, without fear of retaliation, and to ask questions if we’re unsure about something. TJH managers have a special responsibility to demonstrate ethical leadership and to respond promptly and appropriately to employee concerns.

Just as important, we must be a strong and ethical company from the outside. The reputation of our company is formed by every experience that customers, business partners, and the community have with us. It is up to all of us to ensure that those experiences demonstrate our integrity.

Thank you for joining with me in committing to uphold the Code in all we do for TJH. It is one of the key building blocks for our company.

Tommy Beadel Signature
Thomas L. Beadel
Chief Executive Officer

Code of conduct

Raising Concerns

To report an ethics concern, an actual or suspected violation of the Code, or any other activity that may involve inappropriate or illegal behavior, call (800) 461-9330 or submit a report online.

Thomas James Homes will not retaliate against anyone because they raised a concern or in good faith submitted a report of potential misconduct.

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