Read tips for moving, living arrangements, and what to expect during the teardown and rebuild process.

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Although tearing down and rebuilding with TJH requires moving out of your home temporarily, the result is a less stressful process and a new home that meets all your family’s needs.

Read tips for moving, living arrangements, and what to expect during the teardown and rebuild process.

One of the biggest considerations when tearing down and rebuilding your home is where to live during construction. In this blog, we’ll give you tips for moving out of your home, explore the pros and cons of the most common living arrangements, and share how BUILD by TJH makes the process less stressful.

Moving out of your home

Homeowners who want to transform their home may think that renovation is an easier option since they don’t have to move out of their home. However, anyone who’s lived through a home renovation will tell you, it’s anything but easy. Although rebuilding with TJH will require you to move out of your home temporarily, you’ll have a much less stressful life while your new home gets built. Plus, you’ll have a new construction house that meets all your dream home criteria. 

Although you can choose to rent a U-Haul and pack and load your boxes, the safest and easiest option is to hire a trusted moving company. 

We’ve made moving simple and easy by teaming up with Virtuo, the full-service moving concierge. All TJH homeowners contracted on or after June 1, 2023, will enjoy a complimentary membership to Virtuo. As a homeowner, you’ll have free access to their full suite of services and only pay for the ones you use. Some of the ways Virtuo can help during your new home journey include packing, moving, storage, hanging art, wine storage, transferring utilities, babysitting for moving days, and more.*

Moving is never fun. But when you build with TJH, you get support through the process. Your dedicated build experience specialist will meet with you to plan your move and map out dates before we schedule your demolition. It’s just one of the ways that TJH takes the stress out of building your dream home.


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TJH’s impact partner, Virtuo concierge service, makes moving into your new TJH home simple and easy.


Storage during construction

Your interim living arrangement will impact how much furniture and other items you have to store during your home’s construction. No matter what, you’ll likely need to store at least some of your belongings during construction.

If you’re renting a home, you may be able to store the majority of your items in the home and garage. Other popular options include renting a storage unit, PODS, or storage container. If you’re storing art or heirlooms, make sure to select a temperature-controlled unit with strong security. Again, your Virtuo concierge help with finding the right storage solution for you, including securing bids and comparing rates.

Before you move, make sure to spend some time sorting through your possessions and donating unwanted items to lessen the amount you have to move or store.


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At TJH, we’ll help you plan your move before demolition so you can find the best storage and living arrangements.


Renting an apartment or house

Many people who rebuild their home choose to rent an apartment or house during the entire construction process.

For most homeowners, the main hindrance to renting is not knowing exactly how long construction will take. It can be costly and inconvenient if you rent accommodations for more or less time than you actually need.

Fortunately, BUILD by TJH takes the guesswork out of renting during construction on your new home. We guarantee that we’ll complete your new home within 12 months of the start of construction. As a result, you can rent housing for exactly the amount of time you need.

Living with family

Living with family during construction offers a number of advantages, including saving money and getting to spend more time with your loved ones. On the other hand, space and privacy can become an issue.

As with renting a house or apartment, knowing your delivery date takes much of the stress out of living with family during the construction process—both for you and for those you’re living with. Having a clear end in sight can help keep the household happy and harmonious.


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Living with family during construction on your new home is more joyful with TJH’s delivery guarantee.


Short-term rentals

Staying in a short-term, furnished rental could offer an easy solution. You’re able to move into a space that’s ready for you, rather than having to move all your furniture into the home before you can live there.

Because we guarantee the price of your new home upon contract execution, you won’t have to worry about paying for surprise overages or spikes in material costs.** When you know how much your new home will cost, you’re better able to budget for your ideal living arrangements during construction.

Traveling the world

You may long to travel the world while your new home is being built. While this is the dream scenario, it’s often not feasible. But we make it easy to have an amazing vacation—or two—during construction on your new home.

With BUILD by TJH, you’ll have two dedicated team members managing your new home every step of the way. Your project manager will oversee your home build, and your build experience specialist will keep you informed of your new home’s progress. So you don’t have to worry about being in town to monitor construction or coordinate with contractors.

Even better, we’ve partnered with Inspirato, a leader in luxury travel, to give our new homeowners a complimentary one-year membership. As an Inspirato member, you’ll enjoy booking privileges to the club’s curated collection of 750+ accommodation options and vacation experiences in 100+ locations worldwide. 

So go ahead and take that once-in-a-lifetime safari, cruise, or beach vacation. We’ll take care of all your new home details while you’re gone.

*Eligible homeowners include those with contracts dated 06/01/2023 and later in SoCal, NorCal, PNW and AZ. Not offered in CO. Consult your sales consultant for clarification.

**See your contract for additional details and restrictions.


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TJH’s partnership with Inspirato allows you to take the vacation you’ve been longing for while we take care of all the details on your new home.

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