A TJH cottage-style home + JackRabbit Micro eBike. The perfect partnership for urban living in the Pacific Northwest.

Our new TJH cottage-style homes throughout the greater Seattle area are designed with premium features that elevate urban living—open-concept floorplans, smart home technology, indoor/outdoor space, and close proximity to city centers. But now, there’s a new, unexpected feature homebuyers can look forward to when they purchase one of these homes: a complimentary micro eBike by JackRabbit.

A convenient, cruise-worthy commute

The JackRabbit micro eBike is revolutionizing the eBike industry and making it more convenient (and fun) to get from Point A to Point B. Weighing only 24 pounds with a 300-watt rechargeable electric motor, and speeds up to 20 MPH, it is smaller and lighter than standard eBikes. It can also easily fold up to take on the Metro or store away in a coat closet when you’re home. Sustainable and convenient, the JackRabbit eBike makes the perfect addition to a new cottage-style home, especially in one of the Best Bike Cities in America.

“Seattle is consistently ranked as one of the most bike-friendly and energy-efficient regions in the United States, making it an ideal launching pad for a partnership of this type. We intentionally design many of our cottage-style homes throughout Seattle’s urban neighborhoods without garages to optimize livable space but also want to give homebuyers an option for convenient commuting and local travel. JackRabbit’s commitment to green transportation is directly in line with our efforts to build more sustainably and responsibly.”

— Tommy Beadel, CEO and Co-founder of Thomas James Homes

Today’s buyers want homes that are better for the environment and their health. Our cottage-style homes offer more than eco-conscious living; they combine the convenience of urban living and access to city amenities with the community benefits, privacy, and green space of a single-family residential neighborhood. “Homebuyers are clamoring for a suburban lifestyle within an urban setting. The intentional homebuilding approach of our cottage-style homes and pocket neighborhoods delivers on both,” says Beadel. “In the Pacific Northwest, we’re developing ‘neighborhoods within neighborhoods’ to cement a sense of community identity while making commuting easier.”

Built within high-demand areas of Greater Seattle, such as West Seattle, Seward Park, Ballard, and the shoreline neighborhoods of East Seattle, homeowners are within close proximity to city centers, parks, entertainment, andmore opportunities to get out and explore. Alternate transportation in these neighborhoods can be easier and more beneficial when sidestepping heavy traffic or feeding the parking meter for a car.

“Homeowners without cars can still enjoy a sustainable form of transportation. Those with cars, on the other hand, can leave them parked in the driveway but still quickly access nearby shops or even fold up their JackRabbit if traveling via Metro, SoundTransit, or one of Seattle’s streetcars.”

— Jason Kenagy, CEO of JackRabbit

This partnership provides a unique opportunity for homebuyers in the Pacific Northwest, combining a sustainable new home with innovative transportation. The fact that cruising the neighborhood with one of these eBikes is wildly fun is just an added bonus and another benefit of being a TJH cottage-style homeowner.

Explore new TJH cottage-style listings that offer a complementary JackRabbit eBike.*


*JackRabbit promotion valid only on specified listings and can be changed or terminated at any time without notice. Promotion is limited to one bike per household.

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