Developing a blueprint for better homes

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Our Paper Walk process simplifies the construction journey when building your dream home.

Developing a blueprint for better homes

Curious how we guarantee pricing and a 12-month construction timeline for your home build? Dive into the details of our unique Paper Walk process and learn how our approach optimizes and streamlines the construction journey for your home.

What is a Paper Walk?

Think of the Paper Walk as a thorough check-up for your home plan before it’s built. Everyone involved in planning and designing your home reviews the plans under a microscope, examining everything from the framing and floorplan to lighting and well-placed outlets. Let’s jump into what our Paper Walk review process encompasses.

“Every home plan in our library has been meticulously reviewed, vetted, and approved by each team lead during our Paper Walk. By carefully examining all details of a home’s blueprint, we’re able to streamline the construction process and give our clients the confidence that their home meets the highest standards.”

Adam Ganzell, National Vice President of Construction + Quality, Thomas James Homes

Structural and framing review

Our skilled Architect of Record (AOR) and division architecture head lead this assessment, diving into critical structural elements like ceiling heights, stair layouts, and advanced framing techniques. We also review the materials used to build your home, ensuring structural integrity, energy efficiency, and resilience against the elements.

“Quality is at the heart of every home TJH builds. From the materials we use to the advanced building techniques, you can trust in the durability and longevity of your TJH home, providing you with a solid foundation for years to come.”

Adam Ganzell, National Vice President of Construction + Quality, Thomas James Homes

Architectural review

Our architect and design team then meticulously examine the home’s blueprint, analyzing the elevation, planes, structural design (such as stairs, walls, and doors), as well as the lighting design and placement for both natural and artificial light sources.

Floorplan review

A well-thought-out floor plan is at the heart of designing a livable home. That’s why, during this floorplan review, we pay close attention to how each room connects to one another and how easily you can move through the home.


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The floorplan review focuses on the home’s layout and the design of each space for ultimate functionality.


For example, is there a clear flow from the kitchen to the dining area? Are there any awkward corners or dead-end spaces that could be better utilized? We consider any potential limitations or challenges in implementing certain design elements. We also inspect details covering electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems. Our focus is on energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and water heating solutions, so your home is as sustainable as it is comfortable.

What the Paper Walk means for homeowners

Our Paper Walk goes beyond creating a home that looks good on paper. By reviewing all aspects of a home plan with everyone involved, we can spot potential issues before they become costly delays and deliver a home you love in 12 months from the start of construction. So, whether you buy one of our in-progress or completed homes, or decide to build with us, every home plan we build goes through our Paper Walk process so you can enjoy peace of mind and a happy new home experience.

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