How we mitigate weather challenges and unforeseen issues that may arise during your home build.

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With BUILD by TJH, we handle possible hurdles, such as weather challenges and unexpected circumstances, to deliver your new home on time.

How we mitigate weather challenges and unforeseen issues that may arise during your home build.

A common worry when building a home is how weather conditions and unexpected issues could affect your construction timeline. Let’s discuss the impact of these unforeseen circumstances and the steps we take to keep construction on schedule and your home delivered on time.

How does weather affect the construction timeline?

We know that harsh weather conditions can sometimes delay construction. However, plan for this by padding the construction timeline to account for these delays and keep each phase of the process on track.

What happens if unexpected issues arise during construction?

While unforeseen circumstances are a normal part of any home construction project, we take proactive measures to help avoid them. Here’s how we keep hiccups that arise from impacting the construction timeline:

  • Early planning: To minimize issues from arising later, our team and a third-party will conduct a pre-construction feasibility assessment. This includes evaluating trees, slopes, and setbacks to confirm your homesite is suitable for our home plans before construction begins.
  • Simplified design: Our design team will help you choose from curated plans and interior collections before construction begins to avoid delays down the line.
  • Logistical coordination: Our expertise in timely material delivery and logistical coordination of suppliers and subcontractors keeps construction running smoothly and on schedule.
  • Quality control: Our quality control measures throughout the construction process identify and resolve potential issues and prevent delays that could affect the delivery timeline.
  • Clear communication: A dedicated TJH build experience specialist acts as the bridge between you and the construction team, keeping you updated and informed about the progress of your home.

The TJH delivery guarantee

At TJH, we guarantee on-time delivery for every home we build, ensuring your new home is completed within 12 months of starting construction.


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We take proactive steps to prevent issues and avoid delays during the construction process of your dream home.


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