With BUILD by TJH, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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BUILD by TJH guarantees your home is delivered on time and on budget for a hassle-free homebuilding experience.

With BUILD by TJH, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Building a home can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be frustrating. At TJH, we’ve reimagined the homebuilding process, making it more efficient, reliable, and hassle-free. BUILD by TJH guarantees your home is delivered on time and on budget. Curious how it’s done? Let’s explore the traditional homebuilding phases and how BUILD by TJH can offer a more efficient alternative.

Architecture + design

The traditional homebuilding process involves several key phases. The first step is having a blueprint of what you want to build, which sets the foundation for your project. This typically requires multiple consultations and iterations with architects, engineers, and builders to develop and refine plans.

At TJH, we take a streamlined approach to the architecture and design phase. Our team conducts a BUILD Analysis to understand your needs, neighborhood variables, and lot size. With this information, we can provide home plans from our library tailored to you and your homesite.

You’ll also be invited to our design studio to explore the possible home plans and design concepts curated by our in-house team. Our REVEAL virtual design app lets you virtually tour home plans, easily compare costs, and view different design options for your home before making a final decision. Once you’re satisfied, we work with you to lock in your plan and contract, and begin construction. With a more efficient and advanced approach, your homebuilding journey is smoother from start to finish. 

Plan permitting

Before breaking ground, plans for your new home must be submitted to the city for permits. Obtaining building permits can often be frustrating for homeowners, requiring time, patience, and knowledge of local laws and building codes. Unfortunately, many homeowners encounter challenges such as paperwork, delays, and headaches associated with permits, leading to costly mistakes and unexpected setbacks. 

With BUILD by TJH, we take care of the entire permit acquisition process on your behalf. Our team has extensive knowledge of the rules and regulations in the areas where we build. We design our home plans to meet the criteria of your specific jurisdiction right from the start, helping to minimize unnecessary back-and-forth changes and streamline the approval process.

Once the initial plan is submitted, we continue working with the city to address any feedback, resubmissions, and design reviews. Additionally, we’ll collaborate with you to set a date for the demo of your existing home, allowing you time to plan and prepare for your move-out. Once we receive city approval and permits, construction will begin, and you can rest assured that your new home will be ready within 12 months.

Demolition + Site prep

Once you obtain city approval and permits, the demo phase is next. During this crucial stage, the old home is deconstructed down to the foundation, and debris is cleared to lay the groundwork for the rebuilding process. While this phase can often stretch on for months for many homeowners, our BUILD by TJH team has extensive expertise in demolition, and the entire process is completed within 30-60 days on average. After the demo, you’ll be invited to tour the site to see the transformation and how your new home will be situated.

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Our team ensures an efficient and timely process during the demo phase, clearing the way for rebuilding.


Foundation + Framing

The foundation and framing phase of homebuilding is critical to ensure the structural integrity of your new home. It can take several weeks to complete, and any delays can cause significant setbacks and added costs. At TJH, we understand the importance of getting this phase right the first time,

That’s why we use advanced building techniques to streamline the process without compromising quality. Our experienced team of subcontractors prepares the land, pours a solid foundation quickly, and ensures stability and structural soundness. We then frame the walls, roof, and flooring, bringing your new home to life.

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Our advanced techniques ensure a solid foundation, stable structure, and efficient process, minimizing delays and costs.


Walls + insulation

After the main structural elements are in place, it’s time to put up walls and insulate and get your new home up and running. Builders typically use a variety of materials to enclose the walls and add insulation to optimize energy efficiency—but it’s important to note that not all materials are created equal. 

With BUILD by TJH, you can sleep comfortably (and quietly) knowing your home is built and insulated with high-quality materials and precision. This ensures a more energy-efficient living space that minimizes outside noise, may help lower your energy bill, and stands the test of time. 

Plumbing + utilities

The plumbing and HVAC phase can be complex and time-consuming. It involves installing and integrating various components, including pipes, drains, vents, toilets, sinks, fixtures, and HVAC ductwork. This phase typically takes several weeks or even months to complete. Unfortunately, the complexity of these systems often results in costly mistakes and delays.

With BUILD by TJH, our experienced teams of plumbers and HVAC professionals are skilled in installing these systems efficiently and effectively. Their expertise ensures that the plumbing and HVAC systems seamlessly integrate into your new home without causing any disruptions to the construction process. 

Finishing touches

The fixtures and finishes phase of traditional homebuilding is where your home starts taking shape. It includes laying flooring, installing cabinets, setting countertops, and painting. This phase can be exciting but overwhelming for homeowners who want to ensure their design decisions align with the overall vision.

 BUILD by TJH simplifies this process with our foundational design collections, which are carefully curated and customizable. Our in-house design team works closely with you from the start of selecting your home plan, offering personalized selections that best fit your lifestyle and personality. From flooring to paint, we take the guesswork out of finding materials that work together. Plus, with our REVEAL virtual reality app, you can preview the different finishes and fixtures for your home and feel confident with the outcome

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Our curated design collections and in-house team ensure that every detail—exterior and interior—aligns with your vision.


Final inspection + move-in

During the final stage of homebuilding, inspectors carefully examine every aspect of the home to ensure it meets safety standards and local regulations. This includes checking plumbing, electrical, and structural components. If problems are found, they can be fixed before the home can pass inspection and be move-in ready.

BUILD by TJH understands these concerns and ensures that homes are built to our quality and safety standards. We have extensive knowledge of local rules and regulations to streamline the inspection process. Our team also communicates with inspectors throughout to ensure a smooth and timely completion, giving you confidence in the attention to detail and quality of your home.

Building your dream home doesn’t have to be a hassle. BUILD by TJH offers a streamlined and reliable homebuilding solution, minimizing delays, setbacks, and costly mistakes. From selecting a plan to finalizing finishes, we’ve simplified each phase to ensure everything is accounted for and you can move into your dream home within 12 months of construction start. Explore our streamlined approach and start the journey to your dream home. 

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Streamline the construction of your dream home with BUILD by TJH.

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