Top design trends for bringing the indoors out and the outdoors in.

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Thoughtfully-designed indoor-outdoor spaces are in demand for their ability to elevate everyday living.

Top design trends for bringing the indoors out and the outdoors in.

In today’s world, our homes are more than just living spaces—they’re our sanctuaries. That’s why a well-designed home that enhances functionality and promotes indoor-outdoor living is more important than ever. Creating indoor spaces that seamlessly transition to outdoor areas adds versatility to your home and expands the ways you can enjoy being there. From landscaping to outdoor kitchens and seating areas, discover how these design elements can elevate your home’s appeal and create a relaxing and versatile indoor-outdoor lifestyle.

Why is indoor-outdoor living so in?

Indoor-outdoor living spaces are at the forefront of today’s home design trends, offering advantages for modern homeowners. Here’s how they can transform your living experience:

Space to entertain

These versatile and adaptable spaces are ideal for hosting gatherings with friends and family, offering more possibilities to entertain with ease.

Bright open spaces

Double-stacking doors and strategically placed windows offer expansive views of the natural surroundings and let in more sunlight, making rooms feel larger and more open.

More usable space

Expanding living space is a common goal. Blurring the lines between your home’s inside and outside effectively increases its usable square footage.

Quality of life and well-being

Creating outdoor seating areas or incorporating elements like sliding glass doors to introduce more natural light and greenery indoors not only brings you closer to nature but also has health benefits. Studies indicate that being around greenery provides health benefits and contributes to a longer lifespan.

Increased resale value

Homes designed with a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces are not just aesthetically pleasing but can also increase your home’s attractiveness and may add to its value and market appeal.


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Embrace the beauty of living spaces that seamlessly blend indoors and outdoors.


Elements that define the ultimate indoor-outdoor lifestyle

Landscape design

Thoughtful landscape design creates a connection to the outdoors. Whether it’s a lush green lawn, a sustainable garden, or a minimalist landscape with sculptural elements, the right design can draw the eye outward and encourage movement between spaces.

Outdoor kitchens + dining 

Al fresco dining is for more than just special occasions. With the rise of fully equipped outdoor kitchens, homeowners can enjoy outdoor dining any day of the week. From built-in grills to pizza ovens and wine coolers, outdoor kitchens provide the conveniences of their indoor counterparts. Pairing this with a beautiful outdoor dining set ensures that family and social gatherings can be hosted against the backdrop of nature.


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Dine al fresco in a space where every detail tells a story of comfort, style, and the joy of being at home.


Outdoor living rooms

Outdoor living rooms, inspired by the comfort and style of their indoor counterparts, have become key to achieving the perfect blend of indoor and outdoor living, especially when outfitted with outdoor TVs, sound systems, and weather-resistant furniture. These spaces combine the best of both worlds, elevating the way we live, entertain, and relax.

“The backyard is now one of our favorite parts of the house, with a play area for the kids, space for entertaining, a covered porch for outdoor dining, and greenery in every direction. We love the balance of beauty and functionality.”

Tripta, TJH Homeowner

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This outdoor living room invites you to redefine the boundaries of indoor and outdoor living.


Fire features + seating areas

There’s something inherently comforting about gathering around a fire. Outdoor fireplaces or fire pits provide warmth on cooler evenings and serve as a focal point for social gatherings. Whether it’s a custom-built fireplace or a portable fire pit, incorporating fire into your outdoor design adds an element of coziness that draws people together.

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is essential for creating a comfortable outdoor living space. It not only makes your garden and patio more inviting by improving the mood but also highlights your landscaping’s beauty and allows you to enjoy these spaces for longer, even after the sun sets.

Glass panel patio doors

One of the most striking ways to create a seamless flow between your indoor and outdoor spaces is the use of large, glass panel patio doors. These architectural elements allow for natural light to flood the interior, offer unobstructed views of the outdoors, and, when opened, effortlessly connect the two spaces. The visual and physical transition extends living spaces and merges indoor comfort with the outdoors.


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These double-stacking glass sliding doors erase the line between indoors and outdoors, creating a seamless flow and flooding the home with natural light.


At TJH, we don’t just build backyards; we craft outdoor spaces that are an extension of your living space, where you’ll cherish moments with loved ones and find your own slice of paradise. Whether you’re dreaming of cozy fire pits, spacious rooftop decks, or intimate patios, we’re here to turn your vision into an indoor-outdoor lifestyle.

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