The dealbreaker features and amenities our homeowners can’t live without

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The dealbreaker features and amenities our homeowners can’t live without

When looking for the perfect house, there are certain features that homebuyers want above all else. We’ve found that the five new home features and amenities that are non-negotiable for TJH homeowners are open-concept floorplans, indoor/outdoor living and entertaining space, chef-inspired gourmet kitchens, attached ADUs or guest suites, and a neighborhood with the right lifestyle for them.

Open-concept floorplan

Often, what homebuyers are looking for in a new house is a more modern, functional layout. A zoned, open-concept floorplan allows family members and guests to move freely and comfortably throughout the living room, kitchen, and dining areas. Not only do open-concept floorplans make your home feel more spacious, but they also connect you to everything else happening whether you’re keeping tabs on the kids or entertaining friends and family. 

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Most homeowners today want an open-concept floorplan for seamless entertaining and ease of living.

Indoor/outdoor living

Functional and versatile outdoor spaces create more possibilities for how you use your home, especially when your indoor spaces flow seamlessly into them. This is why thoughtfully-designed indoor/outdoor spaces are among the most desired features in a new home. 

We provide our homeowners with much more than just a backyard. We want the outdoor parts of your home to be usable for entertaining, working, and relaxing. Some of the possibilities include fire pits, rooftop decks, pools, interior courtyards, and covered patios with fireplaces and sitting areas.

“The backyard is now one of our favorite parts of the house, with a play area for the kids, space for entertaining, a covered porch for outdoor dining, and greenery in every direction. We love the balance of beauty and functionality.”
Tripta, TJH Homeowner

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A gourmet kitchen

A gourmet kitchen with elite appliances and plenty of cabinet, prep, and dining space tends to be at the top of homebuyers’ wishlists. Our chef-inspired kitchens are designed for pleasure and functionality, with plenty of room to move around, a large island with ample bar seating, and a butler’s pantry for abundant storage. Stunning finishing touches and elevated appliances mean your new kitchen could become your favorite room in the house.

Tjh Kitchen@2x
For homeowners today, their dream kitchen needs ample seating, elevated appliances, and beautiful finishes.

Attached ADUs + guest suites

With multigenerational living on the rise, having a dedicated space for extended family is becoming a priority for homebuyers. Even for those who don’t have live-in family members, the option to comfortably host overnight guests, both family and friends, adds value to a home. 

Many of our plans have the option to add an attached ADU for comfortable and enjoyable multigenerational living. Attached ADUs provide privacy, with a separate entrance off of the foyer, and include a kitchenette and dining space, closet, and en suite bathroom.

First-floor guest suites are an excellent addition to allow you to host overnight guests. Both short- and long-term visitors will appreciate having their own space separate from your family bedrooms that includes an en suite bathroom.

Tjh Kitchen – 1@2x
More homeowners are embracing multigenerational living, making a spacious attached ADU a must-have.

The right neighborhood

Location is a top consideration for homebuyers because where you live has a major impact on your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to access a neighborhood that’s right for you but has limited inventory, or you already have the lifestyle you want in a location you love, we have the home solution for you.

Our BUY solution gives you access to our pre-construction and quick move-in market homes in the coolest neighborhoods where the quality of life is high and new construction is rare. BUY is your gateway to the location that will provide you the lifestyle you want, whether you want to be near the hippest city amenities, close to parks and outdoor recreation, in a suburban location with top-rated schools, in a neighborhood with great walkability and local shopping, or in a pocket community within a bigger city. Whatever your dream lifestyle, we have a home that will make it possible. 

Our BUILD solution is the answer for those who want all the benefits of a new home–more space, a better layout, modern design, great amenities–but love the lifestyle provided by their existing location. With BUILD, you can have the home of your dreams without sacrificing the activities you love and the community you’ve built. Our simple and transparent end-to-end process gives homeowners who already have the right location a new home without the stress and uncertainty that typically accompanies rebuilding or remodeling.

Tjh Area@2x
A home only becomes your dream home when the right features meet the ideal location for your lifestyle.


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