Find out how TJH homes are built with smart home technology for energy efficiency.

Experience the future of sustainable, energy-efficient, and convenient living with the smart home technology included in TJH homes.

Find out how TJH homes are built with smart home technology for energy efficiency.

As technology advances, smart home devices can play a major role in sustainable, energy-efficient living. At TJH, we design and build every home with smart devices and energy-saving features that can help lower utility costs and streamline your daily routine. Read on as we answer common questions about the smart home capabilities you can expect when you buy a TJH home.

Do TJH homes include smart home technology for greater energy efficiency?

Absolutely! Each TJH home is designed and built with the latest smart home options, including:

  • All-In-One Smart Home Control: As epicenters of home automation, our various providers like Brilliant and Ecobee, allow you to control all of your smart home devices from one convenient hub.
  • Optimized Climate Control: WiFi-ready programmable digital thermostats pair convenience with eco-friendliness, ensuring your home uses energy only when it’s necessary.
  • Designed for Electric Vehicles: With built-in conduits for EV charging stations, your home is future-proof for eco-friendly transportation.
  • Keyless, Smart Lock Access: Emtek® Smart Lock Entry Door Hardware bolsters security and supports an energy-conscious lifestyle.
  • Effortless Garage Operation: Insulated garage doors with WiFi-ready openers provide another layer of heat retention and easy remote management.

What other energy-efficient features are included in the list price of a TJH home?

  • Dual-glazed low-energy windows
  • High-Efficiency HVAC Systems
  • Energy Star Certified appliances
  • LED recessed lighting
  • Air-sealing, energy-saving insulation
  • High-quality air and water filtration systems
  • Water-saving fixtures and high-efficiency toilets
  • Tankless water heaters

Does the home include solar?

The home’s list price excludes solar panels, but they can still be installed during construction when you purchase a TJH pre-construction home or build a TJH home.

Our included smart home devices are just a few ways to ensure your new home is more energy-efficient. From the building materials we use to the technology and appliances that come standard, you can rest assured that your new TJH home is crafted to support a sustainable, green, and convenient lifestyle.

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