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Discover which smart home devices are the most useful for everyday living

In 2022, smart home technology is no longer a trend–it’s a necessity. Smart home technology increases convenience, safety, and health for homeowners and their homes.

TJH Executive Vice President of Marketing, Gina Nixon, recently talked with Builder magazine about how builders are approaching smart home trends in 2022. At TJH, we’re dedicated to designing smart and connected homes that bring ease to everyday tasks. That’s why you’ll find these top-requested smart home technology features included in our home plans.

Integrated connectivity

For your smart technology to be easy to use and convenient, it must work together seamlessly with your other smart devices. That’s why we partnered with Brilliant to install systems in all the homes we build and rebuild that are wired for complete connectivity. Brilliant’s master control panel works for all of your home’s smart devices and can be integrated with Google and Amazon products, Sonos, and many more.

Smart lighting and outlet control

Imagine lighting that is exactly as you want it in every room of your house and integrated controls for all your smart devices. Many TJH homes feature the Brilliant all-in-one smart home lighting and control system, allowing you to control the lighting and other devices in your home with ease and create the perfect ambiance for every occasion.

Video doorbells

The ability to know who is at your door, when packages are delivered, and what is happening at your home even when you’re away, is essential. Wifi video doorbells allow you to monitor and keep tabs on your home and talk remotely with visitors at your door. Every home we build comes equipped with the Ring™ Video Doorbell so that you always know who is on your doorstep.

Smart lock entry doors

Many TJH homes are protected with Emtek® Smart Lock Entry Door Hardware for your safety and peace of mind. Smart locks make your home safer and more convenient by letting you control your door lock from your smart phone. Never worry about losing your keys or if you left home without locking the door.

Electric vehicle charging stations

More and more homeowners have electric vehicles and want adaptive smart home technology to pair with them. The last thing you want to worry about is charging your car at a remote station. Many TJH homes come with a conduit and termination box in the garage, allowing for an easy and convenient electric vehicle ownership experience.

A home designed for work

Remote work has quickly become a way of life, and homeowners are looking for smart technology to make their work from home more efficient. This demand impacts not only how homes are designed, but also how they are wired. Our homes are pre-wired for internet and cable connectivity, CAT6, and wireless access points to maximize Wifi coverage everywhere in your house, so that you can work from anywhere.

Customization and comprehension

One of the most important trends in smart home technology is being able to select the smart home technology you need to make your life easier and understand how to use it. Our in-house design team will discuss our smart home options with you to find the features that best fits your needs and lifestyle so you can get the most from your new home.

The best way to create a connected home is to design it with smart technology from the start for seamless functionality. A range of smart home technology features are included in every TJH home, whether you’re rebuilding on your homesite, building on a new homesite, or buying a new market home. Explore the many ways we are making your home smarter and your everyday easier.


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