Learn what makes a new construction home smarter for the environment and your wallet.

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Discover what makes every TJH home more energy-efficient and long-lasting.

Learn what makes a new construction home smarter for the environment and your wallet.

As energy costs continue to rise and climate changes become more pressing, energy-efficiency has become an important consideration for homebuyers. Whether you’re searching for a new home or simply want to reduce your carbon footprint, choosing a new construction home can offer significant energy-saving benefits over older properties. With the latest materials, energy-efficient appliances, and smart design plans, let’s dive into the ways a new TJH home can be a smart and more sustainable investment.

Latest homebuilding practices and standards

If you’ve ever lived in an older home, you might notice how drafty it can feel during the colder months. Luckily, homebuilding practices have come a long way since then. At TJH, we specialize in rebuilding homes in neighborhoods where the average age of housing is 80-plus years and no longer meet modern energy-efficiency standards. 

Our homebuilding approach focuses on using high-quality, responsibly-sourced materials that stand the test of time so your home can go the distance. We also implement features and construction techniques to reduce air infiltration, which is one of the biggest contributors to energy loss. By installing air barriers,insulated siding and using advanced sealed ducts and high-efficiency HVAC systems, we’re able to ensure our homes are as efficient as possible. Furthermore, our roofs are ready to accommodate solar panels so you have a completely renewable energy source as an option. Ultimately, our homes are designed to have minimal environmental impact while maximizing energy efficiency, helping homeowners save on their monthly utility bills.

Sustainable homebuilding materials

The type of materials used to build a home affects its energy efficiency. For example, TJH homes are built with materials that are durable, energy-efficient, and designed to provide better insulation properties than older homes. A combination of new spray foam insulation, insulated exterior walls, and upgraded roof insulation can make all the difference in keeping your home at a comfortable temperature without using as much energy. Features like high-performance windows and energy-efficient HVAC systems, make a significant impact in helping your home stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter so you can save more on utility bills.

Smart home features

As technology continues to advance, smart home devices can play a big role in creating a more energy-efficient home. That’s why every TJH home comes standard with smart home features that make life more convenient and help conserve energy while you go about your day. 

For example, wi-fi enabled smart thermostats that learn your preferences and create custom heating and cooling schedules based on your habits, ensuring you’re only using energy when you need to. Or the Brilliant all-in-one system that lets you control all of your smart home products, like lighting, music, and security systems in one place. These features are just a few of the ways we make sure your new home is more efficient.

Newly built homes are up to 30% more efficient than homes built just 10 years ago.

When built well, new construction homes are more energy-efficient than older homes, and we’re committed to using sustainable building practices, high-quality materials, and smart home features to further increase the sustainability of every TJH home.  With our quality construction and thoughtful design, you can rest assured that your new home can help you save on utility costs and reduce your environmental impact.

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