Why more homebuyers are turning to new construction over resale homes

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TJH is bringing design-driven new homes to neighborhoods where new construction is rare.

Why more homebuyers are turning to new construction over resale homes

Looking for your dream home and coming up short? Finding a home that checks all the boxes in the neighborhood you want can be challenging, to say the least. There’s also the decision of whether to buy a new-construction home or  previously owned home, commonly referred to as a resale home. While many look to resale homes as a cost-effective and time-saving option, buying a new or pre-construction home offers advantages that their older counterparts simply can’t match. From customization possibilities to safety features and increased property value, discover how new homes could end up being a wiser investment.

Less maintenance costs on average

The cost of purchasing a resale home can quickly skyrocket when you factor in unknown wear and tear that can add up to ongoing repairs and maintenance. New homes must meet strict building codes to be approved, and these codes are updated regularly with the latest safety standards. As a result, new homes generally require less maintenance, leading to lower out-of-pocket expenses. 

A study from the American Housing Survey (AHS) found that people who own new homes pay less per month in maintenance than owners of older homes.

Floorplans designed for modern living

As more companies allow flexible remote or hybrid work options, those seeking a home for both work and play may find new homes a better option. Every TJH home is designed and built with a modern lifestyle in mind: open-concept floorplans that maximize functionality, built-in workspaces for productivity; smart storage solutions that use every inch efficiently, indoor/outdoor living areas for relaxation and entertaining options, and even multi-gen living suites to accommodate larger families.

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Each TJH home is designed for modern living with ultra-livable space and flexible, open-concept foorplans.

Sustainable, energy-efficient design

It’s no secret that new homes are built to be more energy-efficient. Not only can this help reduce monthly utility costs, but it can also be more environmentally friendly. While Energy Star-certified appliances are becoming the standard for new construction, we take this a step further. TJH homes are built with features and high-quality materials that you don’t often see in other homes: all-in-one smart home controls, energy-efficient windows, better air and water filtration systems, and amenities to conserve energy, add convenience, and enhance comfort. 

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TJH homes come standard with a suite of smart home technologies for convenience and comfort.

Make your home your own

What do you see when you think about your dream home? You don’t have to settle for the design choices of someone else or outdated finishes. With a TJH pre-construction home, you have the unique opportunity to add your own touch. Our designer-curated selections make it easy to select finishes, custom elements, and interior upgrades that capture your style while taking the stress out of the design process.  

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Customize your space to fit your style with our designer-curated selections and interior upgrades.

Higher resale value

While a previously owned home may seem more cost-effective, this is not necessarily the case. The average cost of remodeling a home can often outweigh the amount it adds to the resale value. On the other hand, investing in a new home can offer more comfort and long-term financial gain. Not only do new homes allow you to skip the hassle of renovating, but they typically have a higher resale value and hold their value longer, making them a worthwhile investment. 

A new home warranty

Similar to a new car, buying a new home comes with the protection of a warranty—something that most resale homes can’t match. At TJH, we stand behind our work and guarantee the quality of each and every home we build. In the rare case that an unexpected issue arises, you can feel secure in knowing that your home is backed by our leading warranty program and supported by our dedicated customer experience team. 

Finding the perfect home isn’t always easy, but a new-construction TJH home offers unique advantages that go beyond any resale home. From energy-efficient construction to the newest smart home automation and the opportunity to make design selections, there are many reasons more homebuyers and investors are opting for new construction.

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