Building a home doesn’t have to be this frustrating.

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Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles shared photos and captions expressing frustration about her home build on her Instagram, @simonebiles.

Building a home doesn’t have to be this frustrating.

Simone Biles recently shared photos on social media of her new home mid-construction that were anything but happy. She expressed frustration about a six-hour-long trim walk and clearly damaged tile. But building a new home doesn’t have to be this upsetting. Let’s look at how Simone could’ve had a more positive experience.

Find the right partner

Happy homebuilding requires finding the right homebuilding partner. Knowing you have a homebuilder you can trust is the only way you can relax and enjoy the process, confident that your finished home will be just the way you want.

At TJH, we have a proven track record of building beautiful, high-quality homes again and again–around 350 every year. Our extensive experience means we’ve honed the skill of being a good partner. We provide plenty of opportunities for personalization, from additional structural options to finishes such as appliances, cabinet colors, flooring, wall treatments, lighting, and more. But we never abandon you to design decision fatigue, as our expert designers guide you throughout the process to ensure that your selections add up to a perfect home.

By working with a trusted builder like TJH, you can avoid Simone’s frustrating circumstances, along with other common pain points of building a new home.

“The [TJH] team was incredible every step of the way and the construction is truly impressive. We could not have chosen a better builder to partner with.”

—Austin and Katie M., TJH homeowners, Los Angeles, CA

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Our experienced team members guide you every step of the way when you partner with BUILD by TJH.


Don’t be your own project manager

It’s possible that Simone feels the stress of homebuilding because she’s taken on too much of the responsibility. Trying to manage construction yourself is a sure path to headaches and worry, and can easily turn your home build into a money pit.

We own every step of construction, from pulling permits to your final walkthrough. A dedicated project manager will oversee your home build, saving you the time and stress of managing contractors on your own.


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Every BUILD by TJH homeowner has a dedicated project manager to make sure all goes right with your new home.


Details matter

One of Simone’s social media posts shows tile surrounded by yellow stains with the caption, “I cannot deal anymore.”

It’s clear that Simone’s contractors didn’t install her tile with the appropriate care. Hiring the wrong builder or contractor can easily lead to a contractor horror story like what Simone experienced with her tile.

We only hire the best contractors whom we work with time and time again. We’re confident that they’ll handle your custom-quality materials and top-end appliances with the utmost care. But if the unexpected does occur, our customer experience team will promptly address the issue to make it right, so you don’t have to waste time coordinating repairs.

“Even when we have a disagreement or something might not be quite right, it’s easy to fix, it’s easy to talk through it with the team. I think that has been my biggest surprise.”

—Ally A., BUILD by TJH homeowner, Newport Beach, CA

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BUILD by TJH homeowners have the opportunity to view their new home at every stage of construction.


Avoid confusion

In her post about the six-hour-long trim walk, Simone wrote, “I thought it was going to be a 30 minute thing bc I had no clue what I was walking into.”

Good communication is key to happy homebuilding. With TJH, you always know what you’re walking into, because we keep you informed at every step of the process. During your build, a dedicated build experience specialist will schedule milestone walks of your new home and be in regular communication to help you coordinate design selections, moveout, demo day, and much more.

Have a better experience than Simone

When you choose BUILD by TJH, you’re partnering with the nation’s largest, single-lot, new home replacement builder. Our extensive experience building custom-quality homes means we’ve ironed out the details to ensure a new home you’ll love. Our hundreds of happy homeowners are a testament to the lengths we go to make homebuilding more enjoyable. Find out more about our simple end-to-end solution with a free BUILD Analysis.

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