Why the LA Lakers star is choosing to tear down and rebuild his home.

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LeBron James has demolished his $37 million Beverly Hills mansion and begun work on building his dream home.

Why the LA Lakers star is choosing to tear down and rebuild his home.

Four bedrooms, eight bathrooms, two detached guest houses, a pool, movie theater, tennis court, and views overlooking the Pacific Ocean. For many, this would be the ultimate dream home. But for LeBron James, it was someone else’s dream. That’s why the NBA star is tearing down his recently purchased Beverly Hills home to build his dream home from the ground up. Many are questioning why he chose to demo a multi-million dollar house he purchased just three years ago. But at TJH, we get it.

The value of staying put

Rebuilding a home instead of buying a new one can offer more possibilities while allowing you to stay in a neighborhood you already love. It’s part of the reason more homebuyers are opting to tear down and rebuild a new home versus moving. For LeBron, staying in his Beverly Hills neighborhood with close proximity to Downtown LA makes sense. Not only did he sign a 2-year contract extension into 2023 with the LA Lakers, his son Bronny is attending the University of Southern California this fall—a short 30 minute drive to Beverly Hills.  

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Your home, your way

LeBron James’ original property was built in 1934 and gave off an Old World charm—a style that differs from his other homes. With an eye for modern design, building a new home from the ground up allows him to design a home that embodies his personal style. 

Whether you’re an MVP basketball player like LeBron, or a dedicated Little League coach in your local community, we understand the importance of a home that speaks to your unique lifestyle. Perhaps you need a spacious floorplan to accommodate your growing family, a functional home office for remote work, or a chef-worthy kitchen to unleash your culinary creativity. Our BUILD by TJH solution offers the opportunity to be an active part of the design process and personalize your dream home.

A cost-effective solution

Tearing down and rebuilding a new home not only gives you the space and modern design you crave, but it could also make more financial sense than buying a home. In highly sought-after areas, where home inventory is sparse and land is hard to come by, building is often a more cost-effective option. This can be especially true in Los Angeles County where homeowners who decide to build save an average of $345,728 compared to buying a new home. BUILD by TJH is designed to reduce costs by simplifying the process, all while increasing your home’s footprint, functionality, value, and equity.

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Do one better than LeBron

Getting started on building a new home can seem overwhelming, from organizing architecture and design plans to building permits and zoning regulations. Even LeBron had to navigate through this process, securing permits to construct on his 2.5 acre plot. But the good news is that we’ve simplified the process with BUILD by TJH. We bring together architecture, engineering, design, permitting, construction, and customer service under one roof. This means we handle every aspect of your project efficiently and easily, so you can rest easy as your dream home becomes a reality. Ready to get started? Let us show you how we make building a new home on your existing homesite worth it with a free BUILD Analysis

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