Expert guidance to designing your dream home with TJH.

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Designing your dream home to reflect your style has never been easier with the TJH Design Studio and in-house experts.

Expert guidance to designing your dream home with TJH.

One of the main benefits of building a new home or buying a pre-construction home with TJH is that you can personalize your space to your unique style and functional preferences. Our expert designers work alongside you to ensure your new home meets your needs. Here’s a look at what you can expect during a visit to a TJH Design Studio and how we can help you create a livable, functional, and visually stunning home.

TJH Design Studio appointment

If you are rebuilding a home on your existing homesite, our Private Client Group will conduct a BUILD Analysis to understand your needs, neighborhood variables, and size of your current homesite. Once this analysis is complete, you will be personally invited to a local TJH Design Studio. 

Located within each of our divisional headquarters, our Design Studios are outfitted with many of the finishes, cabinetry, lighting, and flooring available for your new home. There, you’ll be able to explore plans that have been curated for you based on the size and configuration of your homesite. You will also have the opportunity to explore the design collections available for these plans and touch and material samples. This consultation is the ideal opportunity to ask questions, share your ideas, and discuss your design vision with our in-house team.


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Experience a world of design at your fingertips when you visit the TJH Design Studio.


REVEAL virtual tour app

Your design consultation is also where you’ll be invited to interact with our proprietary virtual design app, REVEAL. With it, you can compare home plans, “try-on” architectural styles and structural options, and personalize design elements. You can even walk through your new home virtually and see how your selections all come together. One of the coolest features of REVEAL is the ability to swap out interior collections and see how different finishes and materials will look. And because our designers can pull material samples in the studio, you can also compare what you see on the screen to samples in front of you. So, whether you prefer the elegance of a modern home or the coziness of traditional-style interiors, you’ll be able to see it all with REVEAL. 

“REVEAL is more than an app; it’s a portal to the home our clients have always envisioned. They can try out different materials, styles, and finishes with a tap, and virtually walk through their future home before it’s even built, giving them confidence in their investment. Our clients are not just designing a house; they’re previewing their future, one virtual step at a time.”

– Gina Nixon, Head of Customer + Brand Experience at Thomas James Homes


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More than just home design, REVEAL by TJH virtual reality app offers an immersive design experience.


Home plans + structural options

Our designers will go over the TJH home plans pre-selected for you based on your BUILD Analysis, and together, you’ll be able to explore floorplans in detail. As you go through plans, you’ll be able to explore different structural options and upgrades that can impact the footprint, floorplan, or square footage of your new home. These options are tailored to fit each individual plan and may be limited by the size of your homesite. Examples of common modifications include converting a loft into a 5th bedroom, adding a powder room, adding an indoor/outdoor living room, or making a first-floor den into an en suite bedroom. By using the REVEAL app, you can also visualize these changes and decide if you want to modify your library plan in a more significant way. 


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Explore a variety of TJH home plans pre-selected for you, based on your BUILD Analysis.


Interior collections 

Exploring our interior collections is where the magic happens when designing your dream home. From flooring and cabinetry to lighting and appliances, we offer a range of options to create a unique and cohesive home. Our base design collection provides a great starting point, but we also offer additional tiers of finishes for those who want to add more custom touches to their home. Our design consultants will work with you to understand your vision and tailor your design selections to suit your style and budget.


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From earthy tones that ground you to modern accents that pop, our interior collections are designed for personalization.


Design your dream home

Learn more about rebuilding your home or buying a pre-construction TJH home in your area.

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