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Build on Your Homesite by Thomas James Homes

New Home built by TJH in the Los Angeles area

Build on your homesite

Many people don’t realize they can stay where they love but in a brand new home. We make it possible.

We’ll work with you to select a plan that lets you stay on your existing homesite, in a brand new home. A custom plan exclusive to Thomas James Homes. One that provides you with the modern delights you’ve been missing—an expansive kitchen, high ceilings, optimal storage solutions, a luxurious bath and plenty of natural light. In short, the right home, right where you want it.

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So many ways to make it yours

Each TJH plan comes with a selection of suggested design packages that have been meticulously crafted by our Design Team to complement the architecture of your new home.

Eliminating the stress of the custom home design process, our packages provide a platform from which to make changes and upgrades while helping to ensure your home’s design is considered and architecturally cohesive.

Our size and efficiencies allow us a formidable buying power, allowing us to offer up to 20% more value per square foot on the best materials and finishes available.

Common customization options include lighting plans, windows, wall coverings, tile and stonework, cabinetry, and fixtures—but the sky’s the limit.


Exclusive TJH home plans to suit your homesite, budget and style.

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“This was the fastest, easiest process ever… it’s so clean, and so transparent and so professional.”

Cherie and Sumner
Cherie and Sumner
BOYH homeowners


Selecting a plan for your homesite

All of our plans were designed to work within city and county requirements. We understand the nuances of restrictions, codes and ordinances within each jurisdiction. Our library of plans maximize the size and functionality of our homes on the typical homesites in the neighborhoods in which we build. A TJH representative can help you determine exactly which plans will best fit on your homesite.

Guaranteed, all-inclusive pricing

Everything is included in the listed price and is guaranteed at the point of contract, so there are no unwelcome surprises or hidden costs. Each plan’s price includes complete architecture, construction management, interior design, landscape architecture and installation, and closing services for that home. It also includes, all demo, permit fees, new utilities fees and any additional city-related costs. All prices exclude site specific conditions.

Upgrades and customizations

As you begin the design process with our in-house design team, your selected customizations and upgrades will be presented for review and approval in a Custom Design Budget prior to the start of construction. Full transparency of costs is just one of our promises to you.

Industry-leading warranty

Thomas James Homes is one of the few single-lot, new home replacement builders that stands behind its product with an industry-leading warranty. We proudly offer:

10-year warranty against structural and soils-related issues
10-year warranty against unintended water
4-year warranty against system failures
1-year warranty against fit and finish components

And because life is messy and issues don’t always arise at convenient times, we offer a 24/7 live answer helpline so you can speak to a TJH team member when you need them most.

Transparent timelines

Once permits are pulled, we guarantee a 12-month build cycle. While the process may vary, an expected permitting time frame runs anywhere from 60 to 90 days.

During the build process, we make sure to provide regular construction updates, milestone walk-throughs, and timely punchouts so you have no unwelcome surprises on move-in day.


Month 1
Select the best home plan for your homesite, lock-in your price, and execute contract
Months 2-3
Work with our in-house design team to make customizations and upgrades
Months 4-5
Secure required building permits and get your home’s transparent delivery timeline
Months 6-13
Demolition, construction, milestone walkthroughs and punch outs
Month 14-15
Notice of completion, final walkthrough and welcome home
Program economics and taxes

Build on Your Homesite creates value for you by unleashing the equity in your home.

Build on Your Homesite is one of the most tax-efficient ways to a new, larger home. Because the value of your land is protected by Proposition 13 in California, your property taxes are estimated to increase based mainly on the new square footage added to your home. Unlike purchasing a new home in a new location, building on your existing homesite does not trigger a title transfer, which means there won’t be a tax reassessment of your home—potentially saving you thousands. The longer you’ve owned your home, the more you stand to benefit because of your considerably lower property tax base.

Special program financing

Offered through preferred lenders, Build on Your Homesite special financing takes your existing mortgage off the books and rolls your new construction loan into a permanent, long-term loan. You only pay a one-time close to minimize transaction costs. For more information, take the next step and request a call or meeting with a TJH representative.

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The right home, right where you want it.

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*Preliminary architecture shown is subject to change based on the jurisdictional design and building review processes. Illustrative landscaping shown is generic and does not represent the landscaping proposed for this site. Floorplans are subject to change.

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