In 2020, the definition of home was reinvented. The way we use our homes transitioned overnight from a place of rest and relaxation to new, multifaceted living, working, and learning environments.As a result, dedicated home offices are now a must-have for homeowners. Read how Thomas James Homes is elevating home functionality with designated office and tech spaces built in harmony with the rest of the home.


“We still design for the front of the house office, but discovered people are still putting desks in their bedrooms, a sanctuary space. As an alternative, we have provided designated tech spaces for a quiet phone call or back-to-back Zoom meetings.”

Billie Luzar, Director of Design at Thomas James Homes



builder magazine march 2021 cover

Modern-day Home Office Design Tips for Your Future Projects

Builder Magazine
March 3, 2021

Thomas James Homes is “diversifying” the home office by creating designated spaces that are also central to the heart of the home.