Building a home goes beyond the borders of the property. It’s about building relationships and creating opportunities that positively impact communities on a broader scale.

In this article, featured in Builder and Developer magazine, Executive Vice President of Marketing Gina Nixon shares how Thomas James Homes approaches each build, and meaningful ways to stand out in residential homebuilding.

“Even as a homebuilder, what holds the most value isn’t the land upon which we build or raw materials, it’s our orbit of people. We approach our everyday work with questions such as: What will this project mean for the immediate neighbors or the community as a whole? What value will it bring to the family that purchases it, the realtor that sells it, the trades that build it, and the landscaper that designs and plants on it?” — Gina Nixon, Executive VP, Marketing for Thomas James Homes


Homebuilding with Heart: Meaningful Steps to Differentiate Your Brand in Residential Real Estate.

Builder and Developer magazine
January 12, 2022