Get the new modern farmhouse look with tips from our expert.

Tjh Hero House Exterior@2x
Beautifully modern farmhouse-style home by TJH that makes a statement with clean lines and contrasting elements, and traditional siding.

Get the new modern farmhouse look with tips from our expert.

As home design trends come and go, the modern farmhouse style has solidified its place at the top. It’s easy to see why—it’s classic, clean, and versatile, striking the perfect balance between rustic elements and contemporary finishes. But as with any design trend, the style is evolving. While classic antiques and farmhouse sinks were once the go-to pieces for achieving this look, modern farmhouse aesthetics have shifted to refined textures, unexpected style pairings, and contrasting materials. Courtney Huff, TJH’s lead designer, is well-versed in this style and offers expert advice on new ways to bring this timeless look into your home.

“It’s a trend that I believe will be lasting. It’s a juxtaposition of two differing styles but when done well is balanced with a bit of whimsy—clean lines with rustic influence.”
– Courtney, TJH Lead Designer

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Tjh Mix And Match Materials@2x
Inside this beautiful TJH home, traditional farmhouse elements blend seamlessly with modern accents to create a clean and timeless aesthetic.
Mix and match materials

One of the hallmarks of a modern farmhouse interior is the mix of materials. Pair warmer, refined textures like velvet with traditional farmhouse materials like linen, cotton, and woven textiles to achieve this look. This combination adds depth and visual interest to a space. 


Tjh Embrace Unexpected Style Pairings@2x
Natural wood and stone elements with modern furniture pairings bring warmth and texture to the space, making it the perfect balance of old and new.
Embrace unexpected style pairings

It’s all about finding the right balance between modern and rustic. By leaning more into the “modern” part of the style, you can give your space a clean and fresh feel. Use sleek and simple lines in your furniture choices and consider incorporating metal elements, such as an iron coffee table or light fixture. While wood is still a staple of the farmhouse style, let it be featured sporadically to maintain a clean and modern vibe.


Tjh Incorporate Traditional Elements@2x
The farmhouse-style barn door paired with a sleek iron track fuses traditional and modern design that adds character and sophistication to this TJH interior.
Incorporate traditional elements

There is a growing interest in interiors that lean more traditional, and the modern farmhouse style is no exception. To achieve this, you’ll first need to define what key features of traditional style stand out to you. Do you love traditional furniture? Decorative wall coverings? The symmetry of the design? Once you have identified these elements, you can build around them while remaining true to the modern farmhouse concept. For example, match a classic couch with an upholstered ottoman or ornate accents with minimalist furniture. 


Tjh Put It In Neutral@2x
The black finishes throughout the interior of this TJH home add a dramatic contrast to the neutral color palette, creating a clean and eye-catching aesthetic.
Put it in neutral

A key feature that makes the modern farmhouse aesthetic so universally appealing is its neutral color palette. Instead of bright, bold colors, these spaces are awash in shades of white, cream, beige, and gray, creating a sense of serenity and ease. This approach to color allows for accents like pillows and artwork to really pop, adding just the right amount of color and personality to the room.


Tjh Go Green@2x
The natural elements in this TJH space—from the potted plants to the wooden beam—create a seamless blend of modernity and rustic warmth.
Go green

Natural elements add an airy feel to any home and make it feel instantly inviting. Consider adding indoor plants and large pots in corners of a room, or even wreaths made of natural materials. Incorporating rustic wooden beams or distressed brick can also add warmth and balance to the modern aesthetic.


Tjh Do Less@2x
From the sleek black accents to the white and marbled quartz, this TJH grand bathroom is simple and sophisticated without compromising on style.
Do less

When designing a modern farmhouse interior, avoid over-decorating. Keep the space simple and streamlined with just a few carefully chosen decorative accents. This creates a clean and clutter-free space that feels welcoming and cozy.


Tjh Make It Personal@2x
A timeless modern farmhouse style is achieved with modern and rustic elements, personalized touches, and carefully placed artwork—creating a warm and inviting space that feels like home.
Make it personal

One of the best things about a modern farmhouse style is its ability to be interpreted differently. Its adaptability is one of its best attributes, and there is no one way to achieve the look. It’s all about infusing your personal touch and creating a space that feels like home. Whether you opt for a rustic aesthetic or a more streamlined, minimalist approach, the beauty of modern farmhouse design lies in its flexibility. 

The new way to style a modern farmhouse for a timeless aesthetic involves creating a harmonious balance between rustic elements and modern design. By seamlessly combining materials, embracing unexpected style pairings, incorporating traditional accents, and infusing personal touches, you can effortlessly achieve a modern farmhouse look that reflects your unique preferences.

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