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See what sold this Bay Area family on a new Menlo Park home in our latest TJH Homeowner feature.

People always say that when something is the right fit—whether a partner, a job, or a home—you just know. That was exactly what happened when a Bay Area couple, Ben and Sami came across a new TJH home in Menlo Park.

Ben and Sami knew what they were looking for in a home. With a soon-to-be toddler and flexibility to work from home, space was at the top of their list, followed by an open-concept floorplan. Functional design and modern aesthetics. Room for a home office. Large windows for natural light and airflow. A spacious kitchen and living area for hosting family and friends, kids’ birthday parties, or playdates for their son. Their last non-negotiable, yet a rarity in the Bay Area, was a sizable backyard for indoor/outdoor living.

Working for major tech companies in the area also narrowed their home search to neighborhoods in San Carlos, Redwood City, Mountain View, and Menlo Park. After spending nearly a year going to open houses, touring resale homes, and entering bidding wars on a handful of homes, they set their sights on new construction homes instead. “We wanted a house that had a good flow and floorplan,” Ben explains. “All of the resale homes we looked at didn’t have that and required a lot of time and money renovating them and tearing down walls to create what we wanted.”

A match made in Menlo Park

It was a Saturday morning that started like any other for Ben and Sami—scrolling through home listings online. They came across a new construction home that caught their eye and forwarded the listing to their realtor.

“That’s a Thomas James home,” their realtor told them. “They’re a really great builder.”

“Knowing Thomas James Homes had a positive reputation was something that was so important to us. If we were going to buy a new construction home—especially in this economy and with the supply chain issues going on—we wanted to feel confident that the builder we’re working with isn’t compromising quality for delivery,” says Ben.

That afternoon, Ben and Sami toured what would become their future home in Menlo Park.

“This was the first TJH home we had seen, and it was just what we were looking for,” says Ben. “My first impression was how functional and practical it was, yet designed so beautifully. The home’s layout was well thought out and you could tell there was no wasted space. It had the big backyard we wanted, a loft we can use for office space or a playroom; it even has an ADU that will be great when family stays with us. [TJH] has a lot of experience building homes. They really think about every detail to create the perfect house for a family.”

It didn’t take long for Ben and Sami to decide on the home. “It came down to the balance between the backyard and the amount of space the house offers. We decided after just 30 minutes and didn’t feel the need even to see it a second time or keep searching. It turns out that we didn’t like all new construction. What we like is new construction by Thomas James Homes.”

“We’re getting ready to move into our new TJH home and can’t wait to build our life there,” says Ben. “The design of the home and how they used the land was really smart. It’s still so interesting to think that we have a big backyard and a big home with so much space, but the lot size isn’t all that big. We’re excited to invite friends over this summer and have our parents come to stay here in their own private ADU. There’s so much about this home that we love.”

“We were looking for a house that was designed around how we spend our time–both inside and outside, and this just felt like it was the right home. We’re so glad that all of the other houses we saw before this didn’t work out. Everything falls into place when it’s right. Our new home is perfect for us in every way.”

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