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A Realtor’s 360° Experience with Thomas James Homes

When Nate Stadler, a real estate broker with Smith & Berg Partners, recommends a Thomas James Home to a client looking for the perfect home, you can be sure he fully stands behind his endorsement. That’s because Nathan is familiar with the TJH presale process not only as a Realtor, but also as a homebuyer. 

 As one of the top producing agents on LA’s Westside, Nathan specializes in selling new construction homes. For that reason, Thomas James Homes has been instrumental in growing his business. Then after a few years of helping homebuyers find the home of their dreams, a Thomas James Homes site popped up in Brentwood and Nathan and his wife knew it was the perfect home for them. 

While they weren’t looking to buy a home, the opportunity to customize a new home in a neighborhood they had always loved was too good to pass up. “‘The right home right where you want it’ has always been the tagline and promise of Thomas James Homes, and that’s exactly what happened for us,” Nathan says.

While Nathan has been through the Thomas James Homes process plenty of times with clients, he is now able to see it from a different perspective—as a homebuyer. And by purchasing their new home in the early stages of construction, he and his wife were able to work with the TJH design team to fully customize the details and design of it. “The process has been great, and that’s the reason I love working with them. There is a high level of accountability and they won’t deliver a product anyone is unhappy with.”

As an experienced Realtor, Nathan has noticed the growing trend of clients looking for a custom build option versus an existing home or a large planned community. Custom builds offer buyers more control over the floorplan, materials, and design. The location plays a huge factor as well. However, the cost of a custom home can be prohibitive and without experience, it can be an expensive process.

Nathan has seen how traditional custom building can quickly become overwhelming. It requires the homebuyer to find and purchase a homesite, select and work with an architect to design the new home, assemble a team to oversee the build, retain the services of an interior designer and landscape architect, and work with the city for permits and inspections.

Thomas James Homes eliminates those barriers by reimagining the custom home process. You have the unique opportunity to choose where you want to live and the type of plan you want from Thomas James Homes’ exclusive library of homesites. Then the TJH Design Team will work with you to customize the look and design of the home to accommodate your taste. For this reason, Nathan has had over a dozen clients opt for a TJH property instead. 

To have an experienced team of professionals who are willing to build you a custom home and take away the stress of dealing with the permitting process or the inevitable things that come up is difficult to find. Thomas James Homes takes care of it all and there’s a tremendous amount of value in that,” says Nathan.

When choosing to build a custom home, a high level of trust between homeowner and builder is essential. Nathan’s strong professional and personal relationship with Thomas James Homes gives him the utmost confidence in introducing his clients time and again to the TJH building process. The focus is always on the client, walking them through the process, setting expectations, delivering a product the homebuyer loves, and backing it up with a solid warranty program.

TJH does everything they possibly can to help buyers,” says Nathan. “They provide fully detailed plans, help buyers design the look, and make adjustments as needed. Buyers get full transparency and there’s no other builder in this market set up to deliver that.”

Thomas James Homes also gives Realtors an increasing opportunity to grow their business as pre-construction homes become more sought after. With hundreds of luxury replacement homes built with countless designs and configurations, Realtors can offer clients a look at various TJH plans during different stages of the construction process. Not only does it help buyers visualize the final product, but it also gives both parties the advantage of seeing a home before it’s available to the masses.

 One of the reasons I think Thomas James Homes is so successful is that they are very respectful and accommodating of the Realtor community. They’re straightforward, down to earth, and there’s a high level of accountability,” says Nathan. “My business is in a very different place than it was a few years ago and I attribute a lot of that to Thomas James Homes. As both a buyer and a realtor, you just want to be working with professionals, and the TJH team has truly built that reputation.”

 With new custom homesites being a rarity on the West Coast, more homebuyers are turning to Thomas James Homes for an enjoyable and seamless home buying process. It’s one that gives buyers more options and control over their future home, while offering Realtors a lucrative partnership and the peace of mind of working with an experienced builder.

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