Turning flex spaces in your TJH home into your own personal golf course.

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Elevate the flex space in your home for fun and leisure with a golf simulator setup.

Turning flex spaces in your TJH home into your own personal golf course.

In modern home decor, adaptable spaces, or “flex spaces,” are key to adapting our homes to fit how we live. At TJH, we’re all about creating spaces that aren’t just beautiful but also usable, ensuring every part of your home serves a purpose you might not have even considered. Today, we’re excited about a cool, new trend that takes flex spaces to the next level: installing your own golf simulator.

The growing popularity of golf simulators at home is part of a bigger movement toward making our living areas work harder, offering utility and fun right where we live. Searches for “basement golf simulator” skyrocketed last year, showing that people really like making their homes more entertaining and useful. Sites like Houzz have even highlighted golf simulators as a leading trend in home design.

“Many search terms relating to fun basement features like movie theaters, game rooms and home gyms, all reflect an increased interest in building these spaces out.”
Mitchell Parker, Houzz Senior Editor

Why are people so excited about golf simulators? They’re incredibly versatile and add a great touch to any home. Suitable for all golf lovers, regardless of age or skill level, these simulators can make any flex space a go-to area for sports and fun all year round. Besides golf, they can be used as a home theater, a gaming area, or a workout space. The heart of the appeal? Golf simulators offer a blend of fun and practicality, making them a top pick for those looking to combine leisure with lifestyle at home.


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Get the flexibility you need with a TJH home. Build or personalize your dream home today.


Home plans designed for leisure

From a bonus loft or ADU for multigen living to expansive living areas that blend indoor-outdoor living, our homes are designed to prioritize footprints that are as versatile as they are stunning.

Whether you’re looking to buy and personalize a new home in your dream neighborhood, or tear down and rebuild on your existing homesite, you’ll gain the flex space you need with a TJH home. Adding a golf simulator into the mix further enhances the value of your property, offering a year-round entertainment hub for friends and family while showcasing the flexibility and customizability inherent in our designs.

“At TJH, we do more than build homes. We give homebuyers access to lifestyles as vibrant and varied as the communities we build. Our homes are really the entry point to the lives our clients want to live.”

James Mead, CEO, Thomas James Homes

Flex room considerations

Installing a golf simulator at home is about mixing your unique preferences with the right tech and space. You’ll need a few basics, such as a playing area, an impact screen, a launch monitor, a projector, and the right software. The most important aspects to consider for a fun and safe experience are the space size and technical setup. Ideally, you want a room at least 9 feet high with a rectangular shape, offering ample space for a full swing. The beauty of our home plans is their flexible space options, allowing you to design your golf simulator in a way that fits both form and function. This ensures your home can support your vision for your personal golf sanctuary.

“There needs to be enough room to swing your golf club,” says Aaron Hawke of Simply Golf Simulators. “You ideally want a rectangular shape with a minimum of 10 feet.”


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From productive home offices to workout spaces, TJH homes are designed to cater to your lifestyle.


More room. More possibilities.

In TJH homes, the versatile spaces available extend well beyond the capabilities of hosting an indoor golf simulator. Consider productive home offices, personal gyms, cozy movie theaters, or welcoming guest rooms with cleverly designed Murphy beds. For those with creative passions, envision a dedicated space for crafts, sewing, or painting. Homeowners have successfully reimagined these spaces to improve their work-life balance, personal wellness, and entertaining experiences, turning them into impactful areas catering to various needs and hobbies.

Designing the right home for you is all about adaptability—turning every corner of your home into a space that aligns with your needs. The rising trend of home golf simulators is a testament to this movement, blending entertainment with utility in the comfort of your home. Explore the potential of a TJH home today, and consider how its flex spaces could transform to fit the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

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