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When Hardev and Tripta toured a new home that was close to completion in Cupertino, they could already tell that Thomas James Homes was the type of builder that went above and beyond to deliver quality. But during the final walkthrough of the home that would become their own, they realized just how far TJH would go to exceed their expectations and ensure the new home was everything they envisioned. These are a few things that stood out to Hardev and Tripta, and led to a memorable homebuying experience.

The ideal neighborhood

As tech-industry professionals with hybrid work schedules and two young daughters in private school, Hardev and Tripta put a lot of consideration into where to live. Their main priority was giving their kids access to the best education possible, which meant a neighborhood with top-rated public and private schools. Next, somewhere with a convenient commute to their respective offices and walking distance to nearby amenities, such as shops, restaurants, parks, and family-friendly activities.

They also had their sights set on a new-construction home, an asset that isn’t always easy to find in the high-demand neighborhoods of Silicon Valley. “The effort needed to put into an older home and make it what we wanted wasn’t appealing. We have young kids, and it’s important to us to be able to spend our free time with them,” says Tripta. “With new homes, the quality of construction is more efficient, and there’s generally less maintenance required.” After touring a handful of listings, they came across a new TJH home in a Cupertino neighborhood that met all of their criteria.

“Everything we need is within walking distance and available in Cupertino. Plus, there are so many activities for kids, community classes, sports programs, and events. We love the community here.”

— Hardev, TJH Homebuyer

Details that go beyond standard

When Hardev and Tripta toured the new TJH home, the functional floorplan and beautifully-designed spaces immediately caught their eye. They loved that it had everything they were looking for—a gourmet kitchen, an open layout, ensuite baths in every bedroom, indoor/outdoor living, plenty of storage, and main floor guest suites to accommodate their parents who visit for extended periods.

“The details they put into the house are beyond what so many other homebuilders do,” says Hardev. “The Brilliant all-in-one smart home control system, built-in speaker points throughout the main living areas, the high-end appliances. Even if we were to tear down and reconstruct a new house, we wouldn’t think to put half of the things that TJH has in their homes. We really love it.”

Hardev and Tripta also cook every day and were surprised to learn how much they would love using an induction range after strongly favoring gas stoves. “We always cooked with gas, and it used to be our number one criteria in a kitchen, so we were curious to see how this new type of stove worked,” says Tripta. “The induction technology is incredible and the stovetop is extremely responsive. We never thought we would make the transition, but now we love having an all-electric home.”

“Having built-in appliances, a huge fridge, and under-cabinet lighting—those small details make a difference and really take TJH homes to the next level.” —Tripta, TJH Homeowner

Customizing their own outdoor oasis

Once construction was complete, Hardev and Tripta visited their home for the final walkthrough. Everything was just as they had envisioned except for one thing that didn’t quite meet their expectations—the backyard landscaping. With how much they looked forward to spending time outdoors, the backyard felt a bit standard compared to the rest of the home. At TJH, this wasn’t something we could leave as is.

“During the visit, one of the TJH executives could sense that we were a little disappointed,” Hardev explains. “He turned to us and asked how we would want to design it. Where would we want to put grass? What kind of trees and plants did we envision? Then they completely redid the backyard and front yard landscaping based on our input at no extra cost. They did such a fantastic job, and we got a sense of the investment they made. They didn’t have to do it. It speaks to their culture—if the homebuyer is not happy, they will go above and beyond to ensure they are.”

“Seeing how TJH addressed our concerns, no questions asked, and made sure we were part of the customization process gave us reassurance that we made the right choice in working with them. The backyard is now one of our favorite parts of the house, with a play area for the kids, space for entertaining, a covered porch for outdoor dining, and greenery in every direction. We love the balance of beauty and functionality.”

— Tripta, TJH Homeowner

After being in their home a little over a year, Hardev, Tripta, and their two daughters can’t imagine a better fit for their family. They love spending time in the great room and backyard. Hardev raves about the spa-like grand bath—”It’s a 7-star bathroom and the size of a bedroom!” But most of all, the attention to detail, high quality, and extra touches made this a more joyful homebuying experience.

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