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When we set out to change the new home process, we knew it would include imagining a new kind of custom—custom building without the headaches.

Our desire stemmed from what we’d observed over our more than more than 12 years as new home builders. What most custom homebuyers really want is a beautiful home that serves their values and lifestyle, and feels authentically like them.

What they could do without is the copious amount of project management, permitting burdens, and decision overwhelm that accompanies traditional custom home building.

So we threw out the rule book and developed an approach to building that combines the best of custom building with the efficiency of high-volume production.

From concierge-style service to operational efficiencies to greater value per square foot, here’s how we’re eliminating the stresses and frustrations of the old model and delivering a new kind of custom.

One team, one goal
Whereas traditional custom building requires you to find and purchase a homesite, work with an architect to design the new home, assemble a construction management team to oversee the build, and retain the services of an interior designer, we bring all of these functions together under one roof. You have one team, with a singular goal in mind: to deliver the home you’ve always envisioned.

Purposeful plans
When you build with TJH, you select from one of 38 home plans designed exclusively for us. Each has been conceived to conform to the requirements of the cities where we build, maximize buildable space, and complement the character of each neighborhood, making permitting a seamless process.

Meaningful design options
Each TJH plan comes with a selection of suggested design packages that have been meticulously crafted by our Design Team to complement the architecture of your selected home.

Our packages are intended to eliminate the overwhelm many custom home buyers feel when faced with the 100s of design decisions they need to make. Instead, we give you a platform from which to make changes and upgrades while helping to ensure the final design remains cohesive and considered. Common customization options include lighting plans, windows, wall coverings, tile and stonework, cabinetry, and fixtures. Our Design Team will work with you to co-create a finished look that feels authentically your own.

Value beyond the numbers
Our size and product consistency mean we have the buying power to put economies of scale to work for you. We can source the highest quality materials for significantly less than other custom builders. The volume of homes we build each year also means we can secure and retain the top trades and craftspeople to work on your home.

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