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From building homes to building stronger communities, our TJH team in the Pacific Northwest is fostering new ways to make a meaningful difference and give back.

At TJH, building relationships and creating vibrant communities where people can prosper is at the core of what we do. We have a rare opportunity to drive positive change with the homes we develop, people we meet, and communities we serve. For our Pacific Northwest team, an introduction to a local couple has led to new ways to give back.

Our Pacific Northwest division launched less than two years ago when cities were still under quarantine orders. Even with the challenges and uncertainty, our new team hit the ground running with clear goals in mind—to bring a fresh approach to new custom-quality homes that showcase the region’s unique style while forging meaningful ways to support the community.

When our team met Amy and Brady King, founders of Weld, we knew they shared our people- and community-first values. Weld is a Seattle nonprofit that focuses on scalable solutions and resources like transitional housing to address homelessness and help system-impacted individuals rediscover their place in the community. They needed more temporary housing options, and we could help by providing our vacant, pre-construction homes that were scheduled to be rebuilt. With the higher rates of homelessness due to job loss and the pandemic, this was one step towards addressing the homelessness crisis in King County and supporting those trying to get back on their feet.

Spaces left derelict are often subject to vandalism, squatting, and safety hazards. Our Men’s Housing Specialist, Ron Hebert along with Weld Housing members, turn these spaces into living sanctuaries for our people.

”Many of our`TJH properties were in various stages of development, some of which had been vacant for months,” explains Tommy Beadel, Founder + CEO, Thomas James Homes. “We worked with the Weld organization and transitioned these properties into secure, community-based housing options. Our idle properties can now provide a safe haven and temporary home base for Weld members to lay their heads at night.”

Amy and Brady of Weld are passionate about housing and helping individuals that struggle to find homes. Ultimately, they help cities and companies think creatively and develop solutions to address homelessness. Transitional housing provides a stepping-stone for people to stabilize and even establish roots in some cases.

By working together, our collaboration with Weld has blossomed into using more than a dozen TJH-properties across the Greater Seattle Area for subsidized housing as these sites await construction. “Many Weld residents stay for three to six months, maybe a little longer, then often move onto a more permanent situation,” says Weld Housing Program Director Jody Bardacke. “When a house sells but […] sits vacant, nearby neighbors naturally get concerned. I’m now able to tell them about our collaboration with TJH, what we do and how the program works. Working with TJH has been an incredible experience. Their entire team and the way they work is heartfelt, responsive, and collaborative—they truly care about the community.”


“I mean it when I say that Thomas James Homes has made a significant impact on our housing program. I was lucky enough to be a part of initial conversations, and there is a visible light evident in how Thomas James connects with others. They are dedicated to doing something good for the community; it’s clear in their words and actions. It is so meaningful to know that people are positively shifting humanity while also conducting business in this world. They are true trailblazers and leaders in this space. I hope others will look to their example and follow along.”
— Eli Pershing, Director of Development, Weld


“To us, homebuilding isn’t just a profession; It is a calling. We construct cherished spaces and create connections to communities. We’re grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Weld and give back to the communities in which we live.”
— Tommy Beadel, Founder + CEO, Thomas James Homes


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