Jack Urbano from milehimodern has become synonymous with new luxury home sales in Denver. Here’s what he wants you to know before buying a home.

Denver Luxury Home
Thomas James Homes newly built luxury home in downtown Denver.

Jack Urbano from milehimodern has become synonymous with new luxury home sales in Denver. Here’s what he wants you to know before buying a home.

Jack Urbano from milehimodern has become synonymous with new luxury home sales in Denver. Here’s what he wants you to know before buying a home.

When Jack Urbano left his job in corporate tax accounting and moved to Denver to launch a new career, he arrived with big dreams and zero connections. He jokes that “it’s probably not a smart decision to move to a brand new city knowing absolutely no one for an industry where you need to know everyone.” But if anything, it only drove him to work harder, gain as much experience as possible, and partner with people who share his commitment. Fast-forward seven years, and it paid off—Jack is now a top-ranked realtor at milehimodern in Denver and the go-to guy for clients that want a new modern-luxury home. For Thomas James Homes, he has played a key role in bringing our pre-construction homes to Denver homebuyers. We asked Jack to weigh in on the most important things to consider to ensure a new home is a smart long-term investment.

Who you partner with matters

Buying a home is a huge investment, both financially and emotionally. Jack’s own experience buying a home is part of what inspired his career shift. He struggled to find an agent who could listen, communicate, and advise. Once he found the right partner who listened first, advised second, and was transparent about the homebuying process, it made all the difference. Now as a realtor, Jack and his team at milehimodern are just as selective with the homebuilders they work with. With a shared commitment to quality craftsmanship, modern design, and providing an exceptional experience, working with Thomas James Homes was an easy choice.

That’s why he was thrilled to discover Thomas James Homes. Like Jack, Thomas James is passionate about building homes that are both beautiful and functional. His homes are constructed with the utmost attention to detail, and they feature thoughtful layout and high-end finishes. Best of all, Thomas James shares Jack’s commitment to providing an exceptional experience for his clients. That’s why he is proud to partner with Thomas James Homes. Together, they’re redefining what it means to live in style.

“Working with TJH has been great,” says Jack. “There aren’t many [builders] that value agents and homebuyers the way Thomas James Homes does. Most that come out of LA want to design homes that don’t make sense for the Denver market. TJH listens and responds to what homebuyers want and looks for ways to adapt their plans for this area. They’re also experienced in dealing with the complexities of the building process and stand behind their product.”

Consider the benefits of a pre-construction home

When Jack had a return client reach out about buying a new modern home in Denver’s Congress Park neighborhood, he brought his client a different type of home solution. A pre-construction homesite in Congress Park permitted for a new TJH home. Not only did this allow Jack’s client to customize elements of the home and select design finishes that matched his style, but it was also a seamless and cost-effective process.

“TJH pre-construction homes are a great option,” says Jack. “Most builders here no longer offer customizations because they don’t want to deal with the hassle of change orders and process delays. TJH is different. Because their process is so streamlined and everything is done under one roof, it provides a better opportunity for buyers to personalize a new home without the stress of budget overages or delays.”

Choose a neighborhood with growth potential

When we launched the TJH Colorado Division, Jack worked to help our team acquire homesites to build in Denver’s most high-demand areas, close to culture, entertainment, excellent schools, and jobs. “It’s important to consider the neighborhood as much as the home,” he says. Where you choose to live can impact everything from daily life to property values, and choosing an area with desirable features can help your home maintain its value over time. “Neighborhoods in University Hills, Rosedale, Parkhill, and Hilltop are the surrounding areas that buyers should keep an eye on.”

See where we’re building and browse available TJH listings throughout Denver here.

Bigger doesn’t mean better

When buying a home, functionality beats square footage. A well-designed floorplan that maximizes the use of space can offer a better option than a large home that isn’t conducive to how people will live in it. For some, that might translate into an open-concept floor plan, a guest suite on the main floor, extra storage solutions. For others, a functional home may come in the form of flexible spaces that can adapt to changing needs or a growing family.

“One thing I really like about the TJH homes is their floorplans,” says Jack. “Their ability to include four bedrooms upstairs is unique in the Denver market, and they think through every detail of the home.”

Don’t snooze on a new home

For most homebuyers, there’s ambivalence about buying a home with the current state of the market. Inflation and higher interest rates are enough to make anyone pause. But Jack reassures buyers that it’s still a great time to buy and home values will only increase over time. “The market is like a tide that rises and falls,” says Jack. “When you own a home, your boat is in the water, and that’s a better place to be than idle on the shore. Trying to micromanage when to buy based on the market is only cause for headaches and the reward simply isn’t worth the stress. So if you’re thinking about buying a new home, now is as good a time as any.”

Buying a new home is one of the biggest investments anyone can make, so it’s essential to partner with an expert who understands what you want and how to get you into your dream home. Jack Urbano has a trusted reputation and a knack for finding buyers the right home solution to meet their needs. His partnership with TJH Colorado offers potential homeowners access to pre-construction homes that can be customized and designed with growth potential in mind. So if you’re considering buying a new home in Denver, now is a perfect time to explore our many options.

Looking for a new home in Denver? Explore our new home solutions, including move-in ready market homes, pre-construction homes, or our design-build program for rebuilding your existing home.

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