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When it comes to your home, it’s good to be materialistic.

The things we value most should last the longest. That’s why we use the highest quality of materials to build our homes. It’s part of the TJH Difference. So we develop lasting partnerships with the top trades and product manufacturers we know we can trust. For our Northern California region, this led us to James Hardie Building Products, Inc., a pioneer and industry leader, whose fiber cement siding graces the exterior of more than 8 million homes across North America.

Unlike more traditional siding options, the versatility Hardie® exterior solutions allow for more creative freedom and a variety of home exteriors, from traditional and farmhouse to contemporary and modern, or a mix of styles. In addition to the beauty and design appeal of their products, Hardie® fiber cement siding is more sustainable and engineered to withstand the negative effects of climate and weather. It’s less upkeep for homeowners without having to sacrifice curb appeal or design.

Together, our companies’ shared vision of delivering the highest caliber product to homeowners while minimizing our carbon footprint paved the way for a long-lasting partnership.

A Thomas James Homes and James Hardie Partnership

“Our teams were brought together through a mutual industry partnership,” says Greg Semenza, Product Market Manager for James Hardie. “Thomas James was more than an obvious choice as a partner because of their reputation for building high-quality homes in desirable neighborhoods. They have a unique ability to design and build with minute attention to detail. Everything from design, style and placement of fire pits, to window and corner detailing on the exteriors. TJH has the experience and the understanding that the true beauty of a home lies in the design details and using quality products.”


“Thomas James was more than an obvious choice as a partner because of their reputation for building high-quality homes in desirable neighborhoods.”

— Greg Semenza, Product Market Manager, James Hardie

One of the many reasons our team selected these products as part of our homes is the bold exterior design options and mixed materials that allow us to build luxury properties that are consistent with the aesthetics of Bay Area neighborhoods. Fiber cement siding enhances a home’s exterior, mimicking the appearance of wood or stucco without the time-consuming and expensive upkeep those materials might require. It’s why Hardie® products continue to grow in popularity among architects and homeowners alike.

One of our newly-built homes in Mountain View, California features the new Hardie® Textured Panel product. Not only does the new siding option elevate the home’s exterior, but it also furthers our efforts toward more sustainable home building—especially in Mountain View, a city that has long focused on protecting the environment and implementing more eco-friendly practices.

For our 1090 Mercy homesite, we knew we wanted to build a modern home that incorporated mixed materials for a timeless design that complements the aesthetics of the neighborhood. Using fiber cement siding by James Hardie, we created a clean, modern exterior with bold black siding and trellis shading to complement the white and grey Hardie® Textured Panels. It offers exquisite curb appeal and lasting quality that both homeowners and the environment will appreciate.

Versatile Design Options + Lasting Durability

Listening to what homebuyers want and need in a home is a big part of James Hardie’s success. “We look at a lot of trends to learn how to best support our customers and address unmet needs with new products,” says John Kohler, Product Manager who focuses on market research and development. “Part of that is focusing on ways our portfolio can help alleviate the pressure of rising costs most builders are currently facing. We also look at our products to see how they meet new design trends. Most importantly, we want to provide homeowners with value and solutions that make things more affordable without having to compromise.”

Understanding the needs of homebuyers, treating our clients and partners like family, and building more sustainable homes that keep the community and planet in mind—these are central to our values as well. Being a homeowner is not for the faint of heart, and we aim to deliver quality products to withstand the years.


“The design versatility and performance of James Hardie brand products…have been an ideal choice to achieve a variety of architectural styles with our new TJH homes.”

— Jon Tattersall, Division President, Northern California
“As architecture and design trends shift, more West Coast homebuyers are gravitating towards modern aesthetics that incorporate mixed materials and less traditional styles. The design versatility and performance of James Hardie brand products, especially Hardie® Textured Panels and The Aspyre Collection by James Hardie®, have been an ideal choice to achieve a variety of architectural styles with our new TJH homes,” says Jon Tattersall, Division President, Northern California. “The products stand the test of time, both aesthetically and structurally—something we’ve always been about.”


James Hardie Building Products, Inc.

James Hardie Industries is the world’s #1 producer and marketer of high-performance fiber cement and fiber gypsum building solutions. The company empowers homeowners and building professionals alike to achieve the home of their dreams with premium quality solutions that enable endless possibilities for design and aesthetics, while also delivering trusted protection and long-lasting beauty. Key to this effort is James Hardie’s dedication to its customers, market driven innovation, an inclusive and empowering company culture, and an unwavering commitment to its Zero Harm safety initiative. For more information about James Hardie visit www.jameshardie.com.

John-Kohler imageJohn Kohler
Product Manager, James Hardie Building Products, Inc.
Jon-Tattersall imageJon Tattersall
President, Thomas James Homes, Northern California Division
Greg-Semenza imageGreg Semenza
Product Market Manager, James Hardie Building Products, Inc.

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