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Building on your homesite

Can changes be made to the floorplan or exterior of a home plan?

Yes, certain modifications can be made to a floor plan or exterior elevations. Our in-house design team will work with you to explore options to your selected plan.

Can I see a finished TJH home?

Whenever possible, you may tour TJH market homes in the local area. A TJH home buyer specialist can assist you in providing listings that are currently available for viewing.

How do you keep homebuyers updated throughout the construction process?

Your homeowner portal is the place to go for status updates on your new home. There, you can track spend, review budgets, and communicate with your project team. Additionally, your project manager will inform you of milestone walkthroughs of your home throughout the construction process.

What is the cost of building a TJH home on my homesite?

Each of our home plans includes a list price that covers the architecture, construction management, interior design, landscape architecture and installation, and closing services for the home. It also includes all demo, permit fees, new utilities, and other city-related costs. Any modifications, customizations, and upgrades will fall under a separate Custom Design Budget that you will be able to review and approve before the start of construction.

What happens during the closing process?

After construction is complete, your new home will undergo a final inspection by a building inspector to ensure the structure, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems meet all building codes. Once approved, a certificate of occupancy (CO) is issued. You and your project manager will do a final walkthrough of the home to confirm everything is as requested and train you on the new home’s systems.

How long will it take to complete the home?

On average, the entire process from start to finish is around 18-24 months. Certain variables can affect timing, such as the design process and customizations, land development, supply of some materials, the city’s permitting process, etc. However, once we pull permits for your new home, it will take approximately 12-14 months to complete construction.

Do you offer a warranty?

With every TJH home, we proudly provide a:
10-year warranty against structural and soils-related issues
10-year warranty against unintended water
4-year warranty against system failures
1-year warranty against fit and finish components

Are there financing options?

Multiple lenders that specialize in construction loans can assist you in financing your new TJH home. These lenders will provide you with the best construction loan options for you and can explain how your financing could be structured. Speak with a home buyer specialist to request a list of preferred lenders.

Can financing be used to cover upgrades?

No. The budget for a construction loan must be finalized before closing escrow, which is typically before the design customization process. Therefore, upgrades or changes must be funded separately, outside of escrow.

Can I purchase land and then build a new TJH home on it?

Yes, if you are buying land or a homesite in an area we service, we can build a TJH home on it if the lot qualifies. You can also purchase one of our pre-construction homesites permitted for a TJH home plan. We have pre-construction homesites for sale in great neighborhoods across the region. View our pre-construction listings or contact a TJH home buyer specialist to find the right area and home plan for you.

Do you offer remodeling solutions?

No. Our home solutions are for building new from the ground up. This allows us the quality control to guarantee our industry-leading new home warranty.

Can I build a DADU onto my existing home with TJH?

We do not offer DADU-only plans, but when you rebuild your home with TJH, we offer home plans that include a DADU.

Why do you only rebuild in certain cities or neighborhoods?

Our home plans are designed to work within specific city and county requirements. We understand the nuanced restrictions, codes, and ordinances within each jurisdiction. Our plans maximize the size and functionality of homes on the average homesite in the neighborhoods we build.

Does the home include solar?

The home’s list price excludes solar panels, but they can still be installed during the construction process. Please inquire with a TJH home buyer specialist for more information about the options in your specific area.

What energy-efficient features are included in the list price?

Each TJH home is designed and built with the latest technology, building practices, and quality construction materials to meet energy-efficient standards and reduce your monthly utility costs. Our home plans include:

  • Dual-glazed low energy windows
  • Energy Star Certified appliances
  • LED recessed lighting
  • Air-sealing, energy-saving insulation
  • High-quality air and water filtration systems
  • Energy-efficient smart home technology
  • Wifi-ready programmable thermostat

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